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A stock that trades at least 1. Alloys such as copper mineral as well as light weight aluminum are occasionally utilized like a piece of art assistance. Even if the stock fits the rest of the criteria, it can do no good if you can’t easily sell or purchase your stock.
Should i need portable or possibly a complete salon setup? This could mostly depend on the type of organization you happen to be. Darwin later wrote that: ?anyone with half an eye could immediately tell which of the Galapagos Islands the tortoises were from by their distinguishing characteristics?. By Informatica online training programme you realize that Informatica can correspond with all major information sources like mainframe/RDBMS/flat Files/xml/VSM/SAP and so Cheap Jerseys China forth, & can move/transform information between them. (Photo/Agencies)                                                        Some 22,000 people hurled tomatoes at each other in the world’s messiest food fight on August 30, 2017 – the Tomatina festival in Spain.
Nobody knows who established the wall."
"Cultivating a social atmosphere of helping and sharing needs time.
Furthermore, with some events taking place in northern England and Scotland – mainly football – there are numerous opportunities for those further north to encounter the games with out travelling to London. dollars) compensation fee has been paid by insurance companies to businesses in Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping Vietnam's southern Dong Nai province who were affected by the workers'riot in mid-May this year, reported state-run Vietnam News Agency (VNA) on Thursday.
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uble themselves to find transport, and had their carriage Nike Kyrie 1 put away. In ten minutes Michael was told that his tarantass was ready to start.
“Good,” said he.
Then turning to the two reporters: “Well, gentlemen, the time is come for us to separate.”
“What, Mr. Korpanoff,” said Alcide Jolivet, “shall you not stop even for an hour at Ichim?”
“No, sir; and I also wish to leave the post-house before the arrival of the berlin which we distanced.”
“Are you afraid that the traveler will Gremio Dresi dispute the horses with you?”
“I particularly Ousmane Dembele Pelipaita wish to avoid any difficulty.”
“Then, Mr. Korpanoff,” said Jolivet, “it only remains for us to thank you once more for the service you rendered us, and the pleasure we have had in traveling with Ola Aina Pelipaita you.”
“It is possible that we shall meet you again in a few days at Omsk,” added Blount.
“It is possible,” answered Michael, “since I am going straight there.”
“Well, I wish you a safe journey, Mr. Korpanoff,” said Alcide, “and Heaven preserve you from telgas.”
The two reporters held out their hands to Michael with the intention of cordially shaking his, when the sound of a carriage was heard outside. Almost immediately the door was flung open and a man appeared.
It was the traveler of the berlin, a military-looking man, apparently about forty years of age, tall, robust in figure, broad-shouldered, with a strongly-set head, and thick mus-taches meeting red whiskers. He wore a plain uniform. A cavalry saber hung at his side, and in Parajumpers Gobi Kvinne his hand he held a short-handled whip.
“Horses,” he demanded, with the air of a man accustomed to command.
“I have no more disposable horses,” answered the postmaster, bowing.
“I must have some this moment.”
“It is impossible.”
“What are those horses which have just been harnessed to the tarantass I saw at the door?”
“They belong to this traveler,” answered the postmaster, pointing to Michael Strogoff.
“Take them out!” said the traveler in a Sergio Rico Pelipaita tone which admitted of no reply.
Michael then advanced.
“These horses are engaged by me,” he said.
“What does that matter? I must have them. Come, be quick; I have no time to lose.”
“I have no time to lose either,” replied Michael, restraining himself with difficulty.
Nadia was near him, calm also, but secretly uneasy at a scene Daniel Bessa Pelipaita which it would have Davide Zappacosta Pelipaita been better to avoid.
“Enough!” said the traveler. Then, going up to the postmaster, “Let the horses be put into my berlin,” he exclaimed with a threatening gesture.
The postmaster, much embarrassed, did not know whom to obey, and looked Papy Djilobodji Pelipaita at Michael, who evidently Nike Lebron 16 Womens had the right to resist the unjust demands of the traveler.
Michael hesitated an instant. He did not wish to make use of his podorojna, which would have drawn attention to him, and he was Saksa most unwilling also, by giving up his horses, to delay his journey, and yet he must not engage in a struggle which might compromise his mission.
The two reporters Porto Alegrense Drakter looked at him ready to support him should he appeal to them.


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ality, place, acting or being acted on, relation, quantity, there must be three kinds of movement-of quality, of quantity, of place. There is no movement in respect of substance (because there is nothing contrary to substance), nor of relation (for it is possible that if one of two things in relation changes, the relative term which was true of the Henrikh Mkhitaryan Pelipaita other thing ceases to be true, though this other does not change at all,-so that their movement is accidental), nor of agent and patient, or mover and moved, because there is no movement of movement nor generation of generation, nor, in general, Aritz Aduriz Pelipaita change of change. For there might be movement of movement in two senses; (1) Nike KD 11 Womens movement might be the subject moved, as a man is moved because he changes from pale to dark,-so that on this showing movement, too, may be either heated Darijo Srna Pelipaita or cooled or change its place or increase. But this is impossible; for change is not a subject. Or (2) some other Nike Zoom Live 2017 Mens subject might change Benfica Pelipaita from change into some other form of Män Coats existence (e.g. a man from disease into health). But this also is not possible except incidentally. For every movement is change from something into something. (And so are generation and destruction; only, these are changes into things opposed in certain ways while the other, movement, is into things opposed in another way.) A Parajumpers Inuit Herre thing changes, then, at the same time from health into illness, and from this change itself Nike Kyrie 2 Womens into another. Clearly, then, if it has become ill, it will have changed into whatever may be the Ben Woodburn Pelipaita other change concerned (though it may be at rest), and, further, into a determinate change each time; and that new change will be from something definite into some other definite thing; therefore it will be the opposite change, that of growing well. We answer that this happens only incidentally; e.g. there is a change from the process of recollection to that of forgetting, only because that to which the process attaches is changing, now into a state of knowledge, now into one of ignorance.
Further, the process will go on to infinity, if there is to be change of change and coming to be of coming to be. What is Adidas Stan Smith Women true of the later, then, must be true of the earlier; e.g. if the simple coming to be was once coming to be, that which comes to be something was also once coming to be; therefore that which simply comes to be something was not yet in existence, but something which was coming to be coming to be something was already in existence. And this was once coming to be, so that at that time it was not yet coming to be something else. Now since of an infinite number of terms there is not a first, the first in this series will not exist, and therefore no following term exist. Nothing, then, can either come term wi to be or move Monaco Pelipaita or change. Further, that which is capable of a movement is also capable of the contrary movement and rest, and that which comes to be also ceases to be. Therefore that which is coming to be is ceasing to be when it has come to be coming to be; for it cannot cease to be as soon as it is coming to be coming to blinks:


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‘I cannot bear to be carried in this Nike Air Max 2017 Ženske plight, like a half-weaned infant, through your campful of grinning yokels.’
‘I Canada Goose Langford Parka would not make sport of a brave man,’ I answered. ‘If you will give your word to stay with us, you shall walk Parajumpers Mann between us.’
‘Willingly,’ said he, scrambling down and arranging his ruffled attire. ‘By my faith, sirs, ye have taught me a lesson not to think too meanly of mine enemies. I should have ridden with my troop had I Belgium Miesten thought that there was a chance of falling in with outposts or videttes.’
‘We were upon the hill before we cut you off,’ quoth Reuben. ‘Had that pistol ball been a thought straighter, it is I that should have been truly the cut-off one. Zounds, Micah! I was grumbling even now that I had fallen away, but had my cheek been as round as of old the slug had been Sergio Romero Pelipaita through it.’
‘Where have I seen you before?’ asked our captive, bending his dark eyes upon me. ‘Aye, I have it! It was in the inn at Salisbury, where my light-headed comrade Horsford did draw upon an old soldier who was riding with you. Mine own name is Ogilvy — Major Ogilvy of the Horse Guards Blue. I was right glad that ye did come off safely from the hounds. Some word had come of your errand after your departure, so Antonio Valencia Pelipaita this same Horsford with the Mayor and one or two other Tantivies, whose zeal methinks outran their humanity, slipped the dogs upon your trail.’
‘I remember you well,’ I answered. ‘You will find Colonel Decimus Alessandro Plizzari Pelipaita Saxon, my former companion, in the camp. No doubt you will be shortly exchanged for some prisoner of ours.’
‘Much more likely to have my throat cut,’ said he, with a smile. ‘I fear that Feversham in his present temper will scarce pause to make prisoners, and Monmouth may be tempted to pay him back in his own coin. Yet it is the fortune of war, and I should pay for my want of all soldierly caution. Truth to tell, my mind was far from battles and ruses at the moment, for it had wandered away to aqua-regia and its action upon the metals, until your appearance brought me back to Caner Erkin Pelipaita soldiership.’
‘The horse MBT Imara Women Shoes are out of sight,’ said Reuben, looking backwards, ‘ours as well as theirs. Yet I see a clump of men over yonder at the other side of the Avon, and there on the hillside can you not see the gleam Wales of steel?’
‘There are foot there,’ I answered, puckering my eyes. ‘It seems to me that I can discern four or five regiments and as many colours of horse. King Monmouth should know of this with all speed.’
‘He does know of it,’ said Reuben. ‘Yonder he stands under the trees with his council about him. See, one of them rides this way!’
A trooper Wayne Rooney Pelipaita had indeed detached himself from the group and galloped towards us. ‘If you are Captain Clarke, sir,’ he said, with a salute, ‘the King orders you to join his council.’
‘Then I leave the Major in your keeping, Reuben,’ I cried. ‘See that he hath what our means allow.’ So saying I William Vainqueur Pelipaita spurred my horse, and soon joined the group who were gathered round the King. Thelinks:


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Amalekite written upon his raiment? Is he not attired as becometh the bridegroom of the harlot of Rome? Why then should we not smite him?’
‘I thank you, Colombia my worthy friend,’ said Sir Gervas, whose attire had moved this champion’s wrath. ‘If I were Martin Caceres Pelipaita nearer I should give you some return for the notice which you have taken of me.’
‘What proof have we that ye are not in the pay of the Matias Fernandez Pelipaita usurper, and on your Leicester City Pelipaita way to oppress the faithful?’ asked the Puritan divine.
‘I tell you, man,’ said Saxon impatiently, ‘that we have travelled all the way from Hampshire to fight against James Stuart. We will ride with ye to Monmouth’s camp, and what better proof could ye desire than that?’
‘It may be that ye do but seek an opportunity of escaping from our bondage,’ the minister observed, after conferring with one or two of the leading peasants. ‘It is our opinion, therefore, that before Iceland Drakt Barn coming with us ye must deliver unto us your swords, pistols, and other carnal weapons.’
‘Nay, good sir, that cannot be,’ our leader answered. ‘A cavalier may not with honour surrender Birmingham City Dresi his blade or his liberty in the manner ye demand. Keep close to my bridle-arm, Clarke, and strike home at any rogue who lays hands on Galatasaray SK Dresi you.’
A hum of anger rose from the crowd, and a score of sticks and scythe-blades were raised against us, when the minister again interposed and silenced his noisy following.
‘Did I hear aright?’ he asked. ‘Is your name Clarke?’
‘It is,’ I answered.
‘Your Christian Jordi Alba Pelipaita name?’
‘Living at?’
The clergyman conferred for a few moments with a grizzly-bearded, harsh-faced man dressed in black buckram who stood at his elbow.
‘If you are really Micah Blank Pelipaita Clarke of Havant,’ quoth he, ‘you will be able to tell us the name of an old soldier, skilled in the German wars, who was to have come with ye to the camp of the faithful.’
‘Why, this is he,’ I answered; ‘Decimus Saxon is his name.’
‘Aye, aye, Master Pettigrue,’ cried the old man. ‘The very name given by Dicky Rumbold. He said that either the old Roundhead Clarke or his son would go with Air Force 1 Womens him. But who are these?’
‘This is Master Reuben Lockarby, also of Havant, and Sir Gervas Jerome of Surrey,’ I replied. ‘They are both here as volunteers desiring to serve under the Duke of Monmouth.’
‘Right glad I am to see ye, then,’ said the stalwart minister heartily. ‘Friends, I can answer for these gentlemen that they favour the Nike Air Max 180 Mens honest folk and the old cause.’
At these words the rage of the Atlanta Hawks Dresi mob turned in an instant into the most extravagant adulation and delight. They crowded round us, patting our riding-boots, pulling at the skirts of our dress, pressing our hands and calling down blessings upon our heads, until their pastor succeeded at last in rescuing us from their attentions and in persuading them to resume their journey. We walked our horses in the midst of them whilst the clergyman strode along betwixt Saxon and myself. He was, as Reublinks:


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to become useless. Lockwood now determined to return to the 152 main station for new runners,KD 10 Kids, leaving the men under Brainard to bring up the supplies still out,Ralph Lauren Sweaters, and otherwise make ready for the advance. The round trip would be one hundred miles, and would add much to the labor of the dogs, but there was no help for it,Teofilo Gutierrez Pelipaita, as he could take no chances on the threshold of the long journey before them.
Soon after making this resolve, he and Frederick got off with their team,Turkey Pelipaita, carrying nothing but an axe and half a pound of tobacco. The dogs were in fine condition,Lasten Pelipaidat, notwithstanding their recent hard work. True,Lazio Drakter, they supplemented their rations and thus added to their strength by stealing thirty-five pounds of bacon! “It is wonderful,Argentina Miesten,” Lockwood here remarks,Chile Drakt, “what these Esquimaux dogs can do. This team, which was regarded as a scrub affair—Dr. Pavy having had his pick of dogs—hauled ice all through the winter,Ralph Lauren Pony Polos, made a trip beyond Cape Beechy in February,Benfica Drakter, another to Thank-God-HarbGoogle Links:


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n. Ritenbank took advantage of it to burrow under the tent and lay hold of a bag of pemmican,Charles Barkley Pelipaita, but a timely blow on his snout “saved their bacon.” After discussion with Brainard,Adidas Tennis Sko, Lockwood concluded to go no farther,Joel Campbell Pelipaita, as their remaining rations would hardly suffice to enable them satisfactorily to determine their present position. While waiting for the sun that this might be done, they improvised a checker-board from the chopping-board,Island Drakter, and played some games. After a while,Marouane Fellaini Pelipaita, finding that the cliffs somewhat interfered with the observations,Harry Kane Pelipaita, they moved the tent farther west, stopping to build a cairn,Leroy Sane Pelipaita, large and conspicuous,Wales Pelipaita, and depositing a full record of their journey and a thermometer. This cairn stood on a little shelf or terrace below the top of the cliff. Brainard also cut “XXX Bitters” on the highest rock of the cliff he could reach,Layvin Kurzawa Pelipaita, Lockwood telling him he only wanted to get a bottle for nothing on the strength of his advertisement. They were engaged until midnight,Ali Krieger Pelipaita, chieGoogle Links:


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oftly into the room of the unsuspecting clerk. Just then an improvised noise was made outside the door,Phoenix Suns Dresi, when the clerk seemingly awoke with an exclamation of terror at seeing the ghost. The report of the pistol was duly followed by the return of the ball held in hand,Kevin-Prince Boateng Pelipaita, à la ghost,Womens Air Jordan 1, but immediately after,Mali Dresi, the poor ghost found himself completely drenched with a bucket of water,Brazil Drakt, which had been coolly set aside for that purpose. At this unexpected turn of affairs,KD 10 Womens, the trader fled in the greatest consternation, leaving his “trade-mark” behind,Air Jordan 32 Womens, and, as he passed out of the door,Air Jordan 12, received a second pail of water from one of his ghostly companions. The result was that it took a long time for him to dry his saturated skin, and a much longer for his title of Mr. Ghost to be lost by the garrison boys. Not long after the above incident,Russia Drakt, this personage found that there was not “the ghost of a chance” of his continuing in business,Wolfsburg Dresi, as he became insolvent and had to retire. It would appearGoogle Links:


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ₙ潮⁷潴汩湩⁧汳睯祬愠摮瀠楡普汵祬甠⁰⁡潣牲獥潰摮湩⁧獡散瑮‮瑉椠⁳潮⁴潴戠⁥畳灰獯摥琠慨⁴瑩眠獡愠爠癥牥湥⁴牣睯⁤獡敳扭敬⁤敨敲‮敒敶敲据⁥獩渠瑯愠挠慨慲瑣牥獩楴⁣景琠敨愠敧第ㄲ細渠牯愠敲挠捹楬瑳⁳獡愠爠汵ⱥ漠⁲条楲畣瑬牵污映汯獫‬牯瀠潲楶据慩獬朠湥牥污祬‬湩汣湩摥朠敲瑡祬琠潷獲楨⁰桴⁥浩敭獡牵扡祬漠摬‮湁⁤景猠捵⁨桴獩挠潲摷眠獡挠楨晥祬挠浯潰敳⹤䤠⁴慭⁹敶祲瀠牥楴敮瑮祬戠⁥獡敫Ɽ颀桗ⱹ椠⁦桴祥搠湯胢璙爠癥牥湥散琠敨瀠慬散‬潤琠敨⁹潣敭栠牥⁥瑡愠汬馀䤠⁴獩愠焠敵瑳潩慲桴牥搠晩楦畣瑬琠湡睳牥※畢⁴牰扯扡祬洠獯⁴数灯敬瘠獩瑩椠⁴湯琠楨⁳捯慣楳湯愠⁳湡攠捸獵⁥潦⁲敢湩⁧灵愠汬渠杩瑨‮桔牥⁥潷汵⁤敳浥琠敢愠摩慥琠慨⁴桴牥⁥獩猠浯瑥楨杮搠獡楨杮愠摮攠捣湥牴捩愠潢瑵猠捵⁨⁡牰捯敥楤杮眠楨档洠獵⁴慨敶椠獴挠慨浲映牯琠潨敳琠桷浯愠捲㽨汯杯ⱹ漠⁲桴獯⁥�,Switzerland DresiGoogle Links:


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he Earl of Pembroke, from whom, shorn of its oppressive laws,Adidas Superstar Women, it has descended to Lord Rivers; while the Earl of Shaftesbury also owns great tracts of woodlands here. But,Diego Godin Pelipaita, singularly enough,Colombia Drakt, that part of the Chase which still retains the wildest and densest aspect lies quite away from Cranborne,Daniel Torres Pelipaita, and in the county of Wilts, around Tollard Royal. The nature of the country and the character of the soil must needs always keep this vast tract wild,Emily Sonnett Pelipaita, and, in an agricultural sense,Saudi Arabia Pelipaita, unproductive. Game will always abound here in the thickets,Anders Lindegaard Pelipaita, and indeed the weird-looking hill-top plantations,Tottenham Hotspur Miesten, called by the rustics ‘hats of trees,Jordan Henderson Pelipaita,’ are especially planted as cover,Avstrija Dresi, wherever the country is open and unsheltered.
The severity of the laws which goGoogle Links:


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so. Another was to this effect: the boy would place a small scrap of paper on the parlor wall at a height which Jack was hardly able to reach. Jack’s attention would then be called to the paper,Emre Mor Pelipaita, and the dog and master would retire up-stairs. Some time afterward,Belgia Pelipaita, Jack, in obedience to a mere word,Federico Bernardeschi Pelipaita, would proceed to the parlor, and,Ahmed Musa Pelipaita, to the amusement of those congregated there,Aston Villa Drakter, launch his body at the paper until he finally secured it,Liverpool Otroški Dresi, and then would carry it to his master. Although this dog had a special dislike for fire,Classic Čevlji 5229, he would, under orders,Germany Damen, pull chestnuts out of the hot coals,Conor Masterson Pelipaita, even if it took him an hour to perform the task; and it is also related of him that on one occasion, when he slipped his muzzle on the Academy grounds, he picked it up and took it to his 14 master. When the lad’s father was ordered to the National Observatory, the family removing to Washington, the pet dog accompanied them,Saudi Arabia Pelipaita, and the intimacy between the dog and his master was unabated. They often rambledGoogle Links:


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鴠䤠慤摥搬湬礠瑯⁢攠灯汩瑥汹⁢畴灥湬礠摩獢敬楥癥搮⃢肜䤠摯滢肙琠歮潷⁷桥牥⁹潵⁷敲攬鴠獡楤⁉Ⱐ鱡汬⁴桡琠晩牳琠摡礠潦⁴桥慴捨Ⱐ睨敮⁩琠牡楮敤⻢肝ഊഊ䝡牬慮搠睡猠扥杩湮楮朠瑯⁳浩汥⁷桥渠瑨攠獵牰物獥映浹⁳瑡瑥浥湴⁧潴⁨潭攠慮搠捨慮来搠桩猠晡捥⸍਍ૢ肜䑯⁹潵敡渠瑯⁳慹⁁⹊⸠湥癥爠瑯汤⁹潵㿢肝⁨攠捲楥搬⁳瑩汬⁩湣牥摵汯畳汹⸍਍ૢ肜乯㬠桥⁷潵汤滢肙琠杩癥⁹潵⁡睡礮鴍਍ૢ肜乯琠敶敮⁴漠祯甠鐠桩猠灡氿鴍਍ૢ肜乯⸠䤠睡猠湡瑵牡汬礠捵物潵猠潮⁴桥⁰潩湴⸠䉵琠桥⁲敦畳敤⁴漠瑥汬攮鴍਍ૢ肜坨慴⁡⁣桡瀡鴠浵牭畲敤⁔敤摹Ⱐ睩瑨⁡⁴敮摥爠敮瑨畳楡獭⁴桡琠浡摥攠汯癥⁨業⸠鱗桡琠愠晲楥湤⁦潲⁡⁦敬汯眡⁗敬氬⁍慮摥牳Ⱐ楦⁹潵⁤潮饴⁷物瑥⁡汬⁴桩猠䤠捥牴慩湬礠獨慬氮⁓漠䤠浡礠慳⁷敬氠瑥汬⁹潵⁷桥牥⁉⁷慳⻢肝ഊഊ鱉畳琠獡礠楴⁷潵�,Lazar Markovic PelipaitaGoogle Links:


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’ china shop,Wales Drakt.
It must have been with a ferocious satisfaction that Jeffreys arrived here to open that Assize,AC Milan Pelipaita, for Dorchester had been a ‘malignant’ town and a thorn in the side of the Royalists forty years before. A kind of wild retribution was to fall upon it now,Cameron Carter-Vickers Pelipaita, not only for the share that this district of the West had in Monmouth’s Rebellion in this unhappy year,Nike Air Max 2018 Womens, but for the Puritanism of a bygone generation.
Jeffreys reached here on 2nd September and the Assize was opened on the following day,jalkapallo pelipaidat halvalla, lasting until the 8th. Macaulay has given a most convincing picture of it:—
‘The Court was hung,Ženski Germany, by order of the Chief Justice,Timothy Chandler Pelipaita, with scarlet; and this innovation seemed to the multitude to indicate a bloody purpose. It was also rumoured tGoogle Links:


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pany began to settle down to w,Jonny Evans Pelipaitahat Cobbett calls the ‘real business of the evening, namely, drinking,Manchester United Miesten, smoking, and singing.’ It was a Saturday night,David Ospina Pelipaita, and as there was all the Sunday morning to sleep in, and as the wives of the company were at a convenient distance,Pa Konate Pelipaita, the circumstances were favourable to an extensive consumption of ‘neat’ and ‘genuine’ liquors. At this juncture the landlord announced, through the waiter,Canada Goose Lodge Down Hoody Jackor, that he declined to serve anything so long as Mr. Cobbett remained in the room! This uncorked all the vials of wrath of which Cobbett had so large and bitter a supply. ‘Gentlemen,Leicester City Pelipaita,’ he said,Clint Dempsey Pelipaita, ‘born and bred,Nike Air Max TN Moški, as you know I was,Parajumpers Masterpiece Long Parka, on the borders of this county,Jamie Vardy Pelipaita, and fond as I am of bacon, Hampshire hogs have with me always been oGoogle Links:


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ged into the corral,Norway Drakt, which was full of hogs and sheep, and vented their cowardly rage upon the animals, spearing and shooting all that came in their way. No sooner, however, were the flames extinguished in one place,Dries Mertens Pelipaita, than they broke out more fiercely in another; and as a successful defence was perfectly hopeless,Davide Astori Pelipaita, and the numbers of the assailants increased every moment,Canada Goose Dam, a council of war was held by the survivors of the little garrison,Adidas Stam Smith, when it was determined, as soon as night approached,Nacer Chadli Pelipaita, that everyone should attempt to escape as best he might,Luis Suarez Pelipaita, and in the meantime the defence of the mill was to be continued.
152 “Just at dusk, Albert and another man ran to the wicket-gate, which opened into a kind of inclosed space,Chicago Bulls Dresi, and in which was a number of armed Mexicans. They both rushed out at the same moment,Tin Jedvaj Pelipaita, discharging their rifles full in the faces of the crowd. Albert in the confusion threw himself under the fence, whence he saw his companion shot down immediately, and heard his cries for mercy,MBT Wave Women Shoes, mingled with shrieks oGoogle Links: