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tually. Nor can anything which is of necessity exist potentially; yet these things are primary; for if these did not exist, nothing would exist. Nor does eternal movement, if there be such, exist potentially; Joe Pavelski Tröjor and, if there is an eternal mobile, it is not in motion in virtue of a potentiality, except in respect of ‘whence’ and ‘whither’ (there is nothing to prevent its having matter which makes it capable of movement in various directions). And so the sun and the stars and the whole heaven are ever active, and there is no Jeremy Roenick Tröjor fear that they may sometime stand still, as the natural Kurtka Peuterey Kobiety Nowy Styl philosophers fear they may. Nor do they tire in this activity; for Maillot Celta de vigo movement is not for them, as it is Maillot Hertha Berlin for perishable things, connected with the potentiality for opposites, so that the continuity of the movement should be laborious; Andrew Shaw Tröja for it is that kind of substance which is matter and potency, not actuality, that causes this.
Imperishable things are imitated by those that are involved in change, e.g. earth and fire. For these also are ever active; for they have their movement of themselves and in themselves. But the other potencies, according to our previous discussion, are all potencies for opposites; for that which can move another in this way can also move it not in this way, i.e. if it acts according to a rational formula; and the same non-rational potencies will produce opposite results by their presence or absence.
If, then, there are any entities or substances such as the dialecticians say the Ideas are, there must SSC Napoli Dresy be something much more scientific than science-itself and something Peuterey Męskie Wasp more mobile than movement-itself; for these will be more of the nature of actualities, while science-itself and movement-itself are potencies for these.
Obviously, then, actuality is prior both to potency and to every principle of change.
Book IX Chapter 9
That the actuality is also better and more valuable than the good potency is evident from the following argument. Everything of which we say that Fiorentina Dresy it can do something, is alike capable of contraries, e.g. that of which we say that it can be well is the Brandon Saad Tröjor same Red Bull Leipzig Dresy as that which can be ill, and has both potencies at once; for the same potency is a potency of health and illness, of rest and motion, of building and throwing down, of being built and being thrown down. The capacity for contraries, then, is present at the same time; but contraries cannot be present at the same time, and the actualities also cannot be present at the same time, e.g. health and illness. Therefore, while the good must be one of them, the capacity is both alike, or neither; the actuality, then, is better. Also in the case of bad things the end or actuality must be worse than the potency; for that which ‘can’ is both contraries alike. Clearly, then, the bad Bayern München Dres Děti does not exist apart from bad things; for the bad is in its nature posterior to the potency. And therefore we may also say that in the things which are from the beginning, i.e. in eternal things, there is nothing bad, nothing defective, nothing perverted (for perversion links:


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aid I, ‘and so you shall. Maillot Japon Into the water with you, you sea-viper, or I’ll push you in as sure as my name is Micah Clarke.’
‘Throw your knife down, or I’ll drive the boat hook through you,’ cried Reuben, pushing it forward to within a Maillot Ghana few inches of the man’s throat.
‘Sink me, but this is most commendable!’ he said, sheathing his weapon, and Nizozemí Dres Děti laughing softly to himself. ‘I love to draw spirit out of the young fellows. I am the steel, d’ye see, which knocks the valour out of your flint. Club America Dresy A notable simile, and one in every way Maillot A.Iniesta worthy of that most witty of mankind, Samuel Butler. This,’ he continued, tapping a protuberance which I had remarked over his chest, ‘is not a natural deformity, but is a copy of that inestimable “Hudibras,” which combines the light touch of Horace with the broader mirth of Catullus. Heh! what think you of the criticism?’
‘Give up that knife,’ said I sternly.
‘Certainly,’ he replied, handing it over to me with a polite bow. ‘Is there Woolrich Męskie Arctic Anorak any other reasonable matter in which I can oblige ye? I will give up anything to do ye pleasure-save only my good name and soldierly repute, or this same copy of “Hudibras,” which, together with a Latin treatise upon the usages of war, written by a Fleming and printed in Liege in the Lowlands, I do ever bear in my bosom.’
I sat down beside him with the knife in my hand. ‘You pull both oars,’ I said to Reuben; ‘I’ll keep guard over the fellow and see that he plays us no trick. I believe that you are right, and that he is nothing better than a pirate. He shall be given over to the justices when we get to Havant.’
I thought that our passenger’s coolness deserted him for a moment, and that a look of annoyance passed over his face.
‘Wait a bit!’ he said; ‘your name, I gather is Clarke, and your home is Havant. Are you a kinsman of Joseph Clarke, the old Roundhead of that town?’
‘He is my father,’ I answered.
‘Hark to that, now!’ he cried, with a throb of laughter; ‘I have a trick Chelsea Fotbalové Dres of falling on my feet. Look at this, lad! Look at this!’ He drew a packet of letters from his inside pocket, wrapped in a bit of tarred cloth, and opening it he picked one out and placed it upon my knee. ‘Read!’ said he, pointing at it with his long thin finger.
It was inscribed in large plain characters, ‘To Joseph Clarke, leather merchant of Havant, by the hand of Master Decimus Saxon, part-owner of the ship Providence, from Amsterdam to Portsmouth.’ At each side it was sealed with a massive red seal, and was additionally secured with a broad band of Portugalsko Dres Děti silk.
‘I have three-and-twenty of them to deliver in the neighbourhood,’ he remarked. ‘That shows what folk think of Decimus Saxon. Three-and-twenty lives and liberties are in my hands. Ah, lad, Survetement Real Madrid invoices and bills of lading are not done up Woolrich Damskie Norwegian Fur Kurtka in that fashion. It is not a cargo of Flemish skins that Brian Leetch Tröjor is coming for Brazílie Dresy the old man. The skins have good English hearts in them; ay, and English swords in their fists to strike out for freedolinks:


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For, besides other reasons, it is impossible to enumerate its accidental attributes, which are infinite in number; let him, then, enumerate either all or none. Similarly, therefore, even if the same thing is a thousand times a man and Maillot Real Betis a not-man, he must not, in answering the question whether this is a man, add that it is also at the same time a not-man, Mężczyźni Barbour Rosamund Skóra Kurtka unless he is bound to add also all the other accidents, all that the subject is or is not; and if he does this, he is not observing the rules of argument.
And in general those who say this do away with substance and essence. For they must say that all attributes are accidents, and that there is no such thing as ‘being essentially a man’ or ‘an animal’. For if there is to be any such thing as ‘being essentially a man’ this will not be ‘being a not-man’ or ‘not being a man’ (yet these are negations of it); for there was one thing which it meant, and this was the substance of something. And denoting the substance of a thing means that the essence of the thing is nothing else. But if its being essentially a man is to be the same as either being essentially a not-man or essentially not being a man, then its essence will Maillot Alexis be something else. Therefore our opponents must say that there cannot be such a Maillot Payet definition of anything, but that all attributes are accidental; for this is the distinction between Doug Harvey Tröja substance and accident-’white’ is accidental to man, because though he is white, whiteness is not his essence. But if all statements are accidental, there will be nothing primary about which they are made, if the accidental always implies predication about a subject. The predication, then, must go on ad infinitum. But this is impossible; for not even more than two terms can be combined in accidental predication. For (1) an accident is not an accident of an accident, unless Nizozemí Dres Děti it be because both are accidents of the same subject. I mean, for instance, that the white is musical and the latter is white, Fiorentina Dresy only because both are accidental to man. But (2) Socrates is musical, not in this sense, that both terms are accidental to something else. Tim Horton Tröja Since then some predicates are accidental in this and some in that sense, (a) those which are accidental in the latter sense, in which white is accidental to Socrates, Los Angeles Galaxy Fotbalové Dres cannot form an infinite series in the upward direction; e.g. Socrates the white has not yet Maillot Argentine another accident; for no unity can be got out of such a sum. Nor again (b) will ‘white’ have another term accidental to it, e.g. ‘musical’. For this is no more accidental to that than that is to this; and at the same time we have drawn the distinction, that while some predicates are accidental in this sense, others are so in the sense in which Maillot Philadelphia Union ‘musical’ is accidental to Socrates; and the accident is an accident of an accident not in cases of the latter kind, but only in cases of the other kind, so that not all terms will be accidental. There must, then, even so be something which denotes Jay Beagle Tröja substance. And if this is so, it has been shown that contradictories calinks:


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or desire among existing things as a principle, as Parmenides, too, does; for he, in constructing the genesis of the universe, says:—
Love first of all the Gods she planned.
And Hesiod says:—
First Survetement Russie of all things was chaos made, and then
Broad-breasted earth . . .
And love, ‘mid all the gods Maillot Sunderland pre-eminent,
which implies that among existing things there must be from the first a cause which will move things and Doug Harvey Tröja bring them together. How these thinkers should be arranged with regard to priority of discovery let us be allowed to Vissel Kobe Dresy decide later; but since the contraries of the various forms of good were also perceived to be present in nature-not only order and the beautiful, but also Maillot Afrique du Sud disorder and the ugly, and bad things in greater number than good, and ignoble things than beautiful-therefore another thinker introduced friendship and strife, each of the Chicago Blackhawks Hoodie two the cause of one of these two sets of qualities. For if we were to Maillot Totti follow out the view of Empedocles, and interpret it according to its meaning and not to its lisping expression, we should find that friendship is the cause of good things, and strife of bad. Therefore, if we said that Empedocles in a sense both mentions, and is the first to mention, the bad and the good as principles, we should perhaps be right, since the cause of all goods is the good itself.
These thinkers, as we say, evidently grasped, and to this extent, two of the causes which we distinguished in our work on nature-the matter and the source of the movement-vaguely, however, and with no clearness, but as untrained men behave in fights; for they go round their opponents and often strike fine blows, but they do not fight on scientific principles, and so too these thinkers do not seem to know Anglie Dresy what they say; for it is evident that, as a rule, they make no use of their causes except to a small extent. For Anaxagoras uses reason as a deus Rangers Customized ex machina for the making of the world, Longchamp Embroidered Torba and when he is at a loss to tell from what cause something necessarily is, then he drags reason in, but in all other cases ascribes events to anything rather than to reason. And Empedocles, though he uses the causes to a greater extent than this, neither does so sufficiently nor attains consistency in their use. At least, in many cases he makes love segregate things, and strife aggregate them. For whenever the universe is dissolved into its elements by strife, fire is aggregated into one, and so is each of the other elements; but whenever again under the influence of love they come together into one, the parts AS Roma must again Moncler Męskie 2015-2016 be segregated out of each element.
Empedocles, then, in contrast with his precessors, was the first to introduce the dividing of this cause, not positing one source of movement, but different and contrary sources. Again, he was the first to speak of four material elements; yet he does not use four, but treats them as two only; he treats fire by itself, and its opposite-earth, air, and water-as one kind of thing. We may learn this by study of his verses.
This philosopher then, as we say, has links:


Maillot Cavani 5564Zlatan Ibrahimovic Fotbalové DresRangers Hattar

he universal. Chicago Blackhawks Hoodie About two of these we have spoken; both about the essence and about the substratum, of which we have said that it underlies in two senses, either being a ‘this’-which is the way in which an animal underlies its attributes-or as the matter underlies the complete reality. The universal also is thought by some to be in the fullest sense a cause, and a principle; therefore let us attack the discussion of this point also. For it seems impossible that any universal term should be the name of a substance. For firstly the substance of each thing is that which is peculiar to it, which does not belong to anything else; but the universal is common, since that is called universal which is such as to belong to more than one thing. Of which Maillot Stoke City individual then will this be the substance? Either of all or of none; but it cannot be the substance of all. And if it is to be the substance of one, this one will be the others also; for things whose substance is one and whose essence is one are themselves also one.
Further, substance means that which is not predicable of a subject, but the universal is predicable of Ondrej Pavelec Tröjor some subject always.
But perhaps the universal, while it cannot be substance in the way in Parajumpers Mężczyźni Kodiak which the essence is so, can be present in this; e.g. ‘animal’ can be present Longchamp Cosmetic Torba in ‘man’ and ‘horse’. Then clearly it is a formula of the essence. And it makes no difference even if it is not a formula of everything that is in the substance; for none the less the universal Michael Kors Torby Na Ramię will be the substance of something, as ‘man’ is the substance of the individual man in whom it is present, so that the same result will follow once more; for the universal, e.g. ‘animal’, will be the substance of Atletico Mineiro Dresy that in which it is present as something peculiar to it. And further it is impossible and absurd that the ‘this’, Maillot Messi i.e. the substance, Sendai Vegalta Dresy if it consists of parts, should not consist of substances Kurtka Peuterey Mężczyźni Kurtka W Dół nor of what is a ‘this’, but of quality; for that which is not substance, i.e. the quality, will then be prior to substance and to the ‘this’. Which is impossible; for neither in formula nor in time nor in coming to be can the modifications be prior to the substance; for then Mike Richter Tröjor they will also be separable from it. Further, Socrates will contain a substance present in a substance, so that this will be the substance of two things. And in general it follows, if man and such things are substance, that none of the elements in their formulae is the substance of anything, nor does it exist apart from the species or in anything else; I mean, for instance, that no ‘animal’ exists apart from the particular kinds of animal, nor does any other of the elements present in formulae exist apart.
If, then, we view the matter from these standpoints, it is plain that no universal attribute is a substance, and this is plain also from the fact that no common predicate indicates a ‘this’, but rather a ‘such’. If not, many difficulties Kurtki Belstaff follow and especially the ‘third man’.
The conclusion is evident also from the following colinks:


Leicester City 0223Chris Terry TröjaMaillot Eibar

to Mudport, the English mate informed him, and, if this wind held, would be there in less than two days.
“We had got out too far AS Monaco with our boat,” said Stephen. “I was trying to make for Torby. But Roma Dresy I’m afraid of the weather; and this lady — my wife — will be exhausted with fatigue and hunger. Take us on board — will you? — and haul up the boat. West Ham United I’ll pay you well.”
Maggie, now really faint and trembling with fear, was t Independiente de Medellin Dresy aken on board, making an interesting object of contemplation to admiring Dutchmen. The mate feared the lady would have a poor time of it on board, for they had no accommodation for such entirely unlooked-for passengers — no private cabin larger than an old-fashioned church-pew. But at least they had Dutch cleanliness, which makes all other inconveniences tolerable; and the boat cushions were spread into a couch for Maggie on the poop with all alacrity. But to pace up and down the deck leaning on Stephen — being Belstaff Snaefell Kurtki upheld by his strength — was the first change that she needed; then came food, and then quiet reclining on the cushions, with the sense that no new resolution could be taken that day. Everything must wait till to-morrow. Stephen sat beside her with her hand in his; they could only speak to each other in low tones; only look at each other now and then, for it would take a long while to dull the curiosity of the five men on board, and reduce these handsome young strangers to that minor degree of interest which belongs, in a sailor’s regard, to all objects nearer than the horizon. But Stephen was triumphantly happy. Every other thought or care was thrown into unmarked perspective by the certainty that Maggie must be his. The leap had been taken now; he had been tortured by scruples, he had fought fiercely with overmastering inclination, he had hesitated; but repentance was impossible. He Longchamp Footprint Stampa murmured forth in fragmentary sentences his happiness, his adoration, his tenderness, his belief that their life together Maillot Cruz Azul must be heaven, that her presence with him would give rapture to every common day; that to satisfy her lightest wish was dearer to him than all other bliss; that everything was easy for her sake, except to part with her; and now they never would part; he would belong Lazio Fotbalové Dres to her forever, and all that was his was hers — had no value for him except as it was hers. Such things, uttered Survetement Real Madrid in low, broken tones by the one voice that has first stirred the fibre of young passion, have only a feeble effect — on experienced minds at a distance from them. To Italy Dresy poor Maggie they were very near; they were like nectar held close to thirsty lips; there was, there must be, then, a life for mortals here below which was not hard and chill — in which affection would no longer be self-sacrifice. Stephen’s passionate words made the vision of Arsenal such a Tigres life more fully present to her than it had ever been before; and the vision for the time excluded all realities — all except the returning sun-gleams which broke out on the waters as the evening approached, and mingled with the visionary slinks: